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U.S. Department of Interior, Archeological Assistance Program Technical Brief No. 15, November 1997.


Why Have An Archeology Week?

Archeology is full of discovery and attracts a curious public, who wants to participate. State archeology week provides a venue for archeologists to involve the public, promote the preservation of archeological resources and illustrate the scientific proves of the discipline. It offers educational events for the public and increasingly for schools to generate understanding and support for archeology. In 1996, over 2,000,000 people visited state archeology week events, and this number is a conservative estimate. The first state archeology week was organized by Arizona in 1983. Originally, the program consisted of a small exhibit and a few events with limited publicity. It has grown to a month-long celebration including an Archaeology Expo, a fair where the public may view demonstrations, tour ancient remains, and view living his events. In 1997, thirty-nine states celebrated archeology week or month for their citizens. This large number is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of many professionals, avocationals and other volunteers who recognize the value of this annual outreach program.


Timing and Scheduling

Sponsoring: Giving Money and Energy



The Future of Archeology Weeks


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