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September 1992


Published in Contributions to Mammalogy in honor of Karl F. Koopman (T.A. Griffiths and D. Klingener, Eds.), Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, No. 206, pp. 54–60. Copyright © 1992 American Museum of Natural History. Used by permission.
American Museum of Natural History
Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History


Morphometric analysis revealed three distinctive groups among the genera of emballonurids. Taphozous-Saccolaimus is a group distinctive in size and shape, particularly cranially. Diclidurids are distinctive in appendicular characters only, especially those in the wing. The third group include all other emballonurids. Phylogenetic studies also separated Taphozous-Saccolaimus as distinctive but included diclidurids among other New World species. Compared with molossids, emballonurids are morphometrically quite homogeneous.