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Honors in Practice, volume 14 (2018)

ISBN: 978-0-9911351-8-9

ISSN: 1559-0143


© Copyright 2018 by the National Collegiate Honors Council


In This Issue

Dedication to Katherine E. Bruce

Editor’s Introduction, Ada Long


Including Families in the Honors Experience, Melissa L. Johnson

Hearing the Marginalized Voice in the Great Books Curriculum, Jennie Woodard

Student Preferences for Faculty-Led Honors Study Abroad Experiences, Nicholas R. Arens, Hanna Holmquist, and Rebecca C. Bott-Knutson

A Structured Course for Personal and Professional Development, Deirdre D. Ragan

HIP Then: The First Ten Years

Tenure and Promotion in Honors (Vol. 1, 2005), Rosalie Otero

Honors in Chile: New Engagements in the Higher Education System (Vol. 2, 2006), Juan Carlos Skewes, Carlos Alberto Cioce Sampaio, and Frederick J. Conway

The Fessenden Honors in Engineering Program (Vol. 3, 2007), Michael Giazzoni

Majoring in the Minor: A Closer Look at Experiential Learning (Vol 4, 2008), Bernice Braid

Ending in Honors (Vol. 5, 2009), Samuel Schuman

Becoming Part of a Story (Vol. 6, 2010), Ted L. Estess

Designing a Collaborative Blog about Student Success (Vol. 7, 2011), Melissa L. Johnson, Alexander S. Plattner, and Lauren Hundley

Honoring the National Parks: A Local Adaptation of a Partners in the Parks Adventure (Vol. 8, 2012), Joan Digby and Kathleen Nolan

“In Landlessness Alone Resides the Highest Truth”; or, At Sea with Honors (Vol. 9, 2013), Don Dingledine

Ask Me about ISON: The Risks and Rewards of Teaching an Interdisciplinary Honors Course on a Scientific Event Unfolding in Real Time (Vol. 10, 2014), William L. Vanderburgh and Martin Ratcliffe

ISBN: 978-0-9911351-8-9