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Spring 2019


Honors in Practice, Volume 15, 2019


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ISBN: 978-1-945001-02-4

ISSN: 1559-0143


Editorial Policy, Deadline, and Submission Guidelines v

Dedication to Jerry Herron . vii

Editor’s Introduction ix Ada Long

2018 NCHC conference remarks

Presidential Speech 3 Naomi Yavneh Klos

Founders Award Remarks 7 Joan Digby

Ron Brandolini Award Remarks . 9 Eddie Weller

Sam Schuman Award: A Letter to Sam with Many Thanks . 11 John Zubizarreta


Honors Work: Seeing Gaps, Combining Gifts, Focusing on Wider Human Needs 17 Mimi Killinger, Maddy Jackson, and Samantha Saucier

Forever Home: A Multilevel Approach to Fostering Productive Transgression in Honors 27 Richard Holt

Opening Doors to Engage a More Diverse Population in Honors: A Conversation . 55 Giovanna E. Walters, Angela Jill Cooley, and Quentina Dunbar

“Connecting Honors for All”: Reimagining the Two-Year Honors Program in the Age of Guided Pathways . 65 Charlotte Pressler

An Evolving Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar on Science and Religion . 79 Joseph W. Shane

Crossing Campus Boundaries: Using Classical Mythology and Digital Storytelling to Connect Honors Colleges 95 Joan Navarre, Maddie Kayser, Dylan Pass, Marilyn Bisch, Catherine Smith, and Andrew Williamson

Publishing in Honors: Advice from Reviewers of HIP and JNCHC 111 Heather Camp

About the Authors . 121

NCHC Publication Descriptions and Order Form 125