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Honors in Practice, Volume 17 (2021), 296 pp


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Editorial Policy, Deadline, and Submission Guidelines

Dedication to Elaine Torda

Editor’s Introduction • Ada Long

Founders Award Acceptance Speech (18 December 2020) • Jeffrey A. Portnoy

Coordinating Multi-Campus Honors Programs and Colleges • Larry R. Andrews

From Program to College: The Vision and Curriculum Evolution of the Virginia Tech Honors College • Stephanie N. Lewis, Anne-Lise K. Velez, Desen S. Ozkan, Raymond C. Thomas, and Kimberly A. Carlson

The Role of Admissions Practices in Diversifying Honors Populations: A Case Study • Andrea Radasanu and Gregory Barker

A View of Health as a Human Right: A Snapshot from an Honors Program • Peter Longo, Satoshi Machida, and John Falconer

Building Bridges in Interdisciplinary Team-Taught Honors Seminars • Laurence Carlin and Heike Alberts

Forming Oral History Researchers: Diversifying and Innovating Honors Experiential Learning across Campus • Myrriah Gomez and Anna M. Nogar

Tough Talks: Student-Led Programs to Facilitate Civil Discourse • Leah Horton, Doug Corbitt, and Booker White

Close Reading Responses: A Streamlined Approach to Teaching Critical-Thinking Writing in Honors • Katie Quirk

“One Singular Sensation”: Integrating Personal Narratives into the Honors Classroom • Marc Napolitano and Mimi Killinger

“Movies, TV Shows, and Memes . . . Oh My!”: An Honors Education through Popular Culture and Critical Pedagogy • Evan W. Faidley

Teaching Hamilton: A Team-Taught, Interdisciplinary Honors Course • Rusty Jones and Gregory Shufeldt

“To Seek A Newer World”: Honors in Virtual Reality • Betsy Greenleaf Yarrison

Fostering Community in the Face of COVID: Case Studies from Two Community College Honors Programs • Anne Dotter and Kathleen King

Virtual Improvement: Advising and Onboarding During a Pandemic • Lucy Morrison

Virtual Honors Forum • Bruce Thompson

Creativity in the Age of COVID: Honors Comes “Home” • Ilene D. Lieberman

Learning in Teams During a Pandemic • Aaron D. Cobb

Health and Wellness: An Honors First-Year Experience Assignment in Response to the Pandemic • Cathlena Martin

Meditations in an Emergency: Collaborating Online in Narratives of Illness and Care • Jayda Coons

We Found Ourselves in The Twilight ZoneBrigett Scott

Putting Community Voice and Knowledge at the Center • Lynn Sondag

Preparing for an Honors Capstone: Interdisciplinary Methods and Ethics in a Research Methods Course • Lauren Collins, Kylla Benes, and Krista Manley

Developing and Encouraging the First-Year Undergraduate Researcher • Stacia Kock and Jennifer F. Nyland

Checking-in to Create Instructor-Student Immediacy in Honors • Cadi Kadlecek, Rebecca Bott-Knutson, and Hanna Holmquist

The Video Essay • Nicholas Vick

Modeling Vulnerabilities in the Research Process • Rebecca Summer

First-Generation College Student Network • Ashleen Williams and Ainsley Ash

Free Minds Book Club: Students Reading and Responding to Incarcerated Writers’ Poetry • Bonnie Gasior

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