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Published in Honors in Practice, volume 4. Copyright 2008 National Collegiate Honors Council.


Table of Contents:

Editorial Policy

Submission Guidelines

Dedication to Elizabeth C. Beck

Editor’s Introduction by Ada Long

Determining the Significance of Honors by Katherine E. Bruce

Portable Widgets and Techie Tattoos: Honors of the Future by Rosalie C. Otero

Honors in 2025: Becoming What You Emulate by Craig T. Cobane

Honors 2025: The Future of the Honors College by Richard Ira Scott and Philip L. Frana

Majoring in the Minor: A Closer Look at Experiential Learning by Bernice Braid

Cultural Studies as the Foundation for an Honors Program: Documenting Students’ Academic and Personal Growth by Sara E. Quay and Amy M. Damico

Literary Ornithology: Bird-Watching across Academic Disciplines with Honors Students by Kateryna A. R. Schray

The American Musical as an Honors Course: Obstacles and Possibilities by Mara Parker

Honors Calculus: An Historical Approach by Todd Timmons

Honored to be a Part of Service-Learning by Patricia L. Powell

Learning by Leading and Leading by Teaching: A Student-Led Honors Seminar by Luke Vassiliou

Sweden in the Summer: Developing an Honors Study-Abroad Program by Gayle A. Levy

Literary New England: Planning and Implementing Domestic Travel Study by Craig T. Cobane and Derick B. Strode

The Senior Honors Thesis: From Millstone to Capstone by Jim Lacey

Mentoring Honors Thesis Students: A Lawyer’s Perspective by Linda L. Vila

Using External Review in the Honors Project Process by Joyce W. Fields

Creating Community: Honors Welcome Week Programming by Lauren C. Pouchak, Maureen E. Kelleher, and Melissa A. Lulay

Creating Faculty-Student Interaction by Lindsay Roberts and Jessie Salmon

Wholly Spirit: Searching for a Plausible God by C. Grey Austin by Sam Schuman

A Dangerous Thing: A Memoir of Learning and Teaching by Betty Krasne by Paul Strong

The Newest “Basic Characteristic” of a Fully Developed Honors Program by Robert Spurrier

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