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Published in Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Spring/Summer 2014, Volume 15, Number 1.


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An Associated Press story of December 9, 2013, tells the tale of two younger members of the U.S. Senate, Chris Murphy and Brian Schatz, who are sponsoring legislation “aimed at lowering college costs by withholding federal funds from schools that fail to meet new national affordability and quality standards”; Senator Murphy is cited as saying, “College administrators need to wake up every morning thinking about how they can make school cheaper, and that is not happening today” (Collins). (In an amusing but disconcerting coincidence, the same edition of my newspaper reported that the average annual cost per student at our state’s flagship university was about $33,000 while the average annual cost for a football player was about $144,000.) I believe that too many college administrators (and senators) are already thinking about how to cheapen the college experience. Our colleges, universities, honors programs, and the nation would be much better served if we all turned our attention not to cutting costs but to increasing quality. Let’s wake up every morning thinking about how to make our schools better.