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Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, 2022, 23(2): 33–38


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In response to the issue of why and how the humanities—and more broadly the liberal arts and sciences—have historically dominated honors education and disregarded preprofessional fields, the author finds that the crux of the problem is not the nature or worth of the disciplines involved or why this or that subject area is de facto included or excluded from honors. Instead, the author argues that honors is not about privileging specific content in any academic domain but about the approaches to teaching and learning that distinguish the honors enterprise. Grounded in creative, participatory, experiential strategies of what we know as active learning, honors is a way of teaching and learning that cuts across subject areas. Honors is pedagogy. As more STEM and preprofessional disciplines implement proven active learning pedagogies that have long been at the center of honors education, fields beyond the humanities and liberal arts will find mutually beneficial common ground with honors.