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Part One: Crossing Boundaries, Integration, and Dialogic Learning
Chapter One: Pre-College Experiences and Characteristics of Gifted Students Anne Rinn
Chapter Two: Toward a Model of Integrative Learning: The Place of Science in an Honors Curriculum Judith Ramaley
Chapter Three: Engagement in Learning, Liberal Education, and Honors Bernice Braid
Chapter Four: Dialogue, Politics, and Pedagogy: Lessons from Democracy Lab Jim Knauer

Part Two: Understanding Talented Students and Teachers Chapter Five: Motivational Issues in the Education of Academically Talented College Students Larry Clark
Chapter Six: Six Habits of Highly Inspiring Honours Teachers Marca V. C. Wolfensberger
Chapter Seven: The Teaching and Learning Fishbowl John Zubizarreta

Part Three: Pedagogy: Practices and Issues Chapter Eight: The Learning Portfolio for Improvement and Assessment of Significant Student Learning John Zubizarreta
Chapter Nine: Promoting Critical Thinking through Sequenced Activities Barbara Millis
Chapter Ten: The Importance of Class Size in Teaching and Learning for Higher-Level Achievement John Zubizarreta

Part Four: Exemplary Curricula for Significant Learning
Chapter Eleven: Using Sun-Science to Explore Connections between Science and the Humanities Martin Brock
Chapter Twelve: The Science behind the Moon Hoax Ron Wilhelm
Chapter Thirteen: Teaching Disease: Utilizing Interdisciplinary Skills and Experiential Learning in an Honors Class Tami Carmichael
Chapter Fourteen: Honors Curriculum Development in a Real World Charlie Slavin and Chris Mares

Part Five: Resources on Teaching and Learning
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