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Cover Story

"Highlights" by Rosalie Otero ... 1 From Conference Planner, Rosalie Otero, about the upcoming conference, "Fields of Discovery." Otero says, "[o]ur conference offers fields of discovery to participants in the conference. Honors Programs are sites where we discover new academic fields, explore links between them, and stimulate field-based leaming .... Chicago's diverse ethnic neighborhoods, museums, public art, education and research facilities, and business enterprises invite many fields of exploration that have bearing on honors education." Conference at a Glance by Rosalie Otero … 2

A Special Invitation

1. "2001 NCHC Conference Session on Honors Advising" by Bob Spurrier ... 4 Don't miss this double-length session on models, methods & assessment. Includes time for individual consulting.

From the Student Concerns Commiuee

2. "First Time at a Conference? Here're Some Things to Try" by Morgan Anne Goot ... 4 A conference: more than fancy hotels, a few days away from college, and good food. Find out what it is really all about. From a student member of the Executive Committee.

3. "Keys to a Successful Conference Experience" by Aaron Bibb and Johnny Feng ... 5 Planning what to do at "Fields of Discovery," the 2001 conference? Overwhelmed by the number of presentations? Not sure what the conference is for? The two basic parts, Aaron and Johnny say: Honors Issues and Everything Else.

From the Two-Year College Committee

4. Schedule & Abstracts for Chicago 2001 reported by Sandy Deabler ... 6

Honors Out & About

From the Publications Board

5. The Seventh Annual Student Newsletter Contest reported by Rita Barnes ... 8 Winners of the 2000 competition. Honorable mentIons, too (no pun intended). Includes suggestions for next year's entries. Even a category for web-based newsletters. And for all-student newsletters. Don't let a small budget keep you from next year's competition. Directors, share with your students, please.

6. "The Opener to Honors" by Brian Adler ... 10 Making that quick pitch during freshman orientation to that entire audience of new students and their parents. Five minutes (maybe more?) to show off honors yet not appear elitist. Can be done.

7. "Honors Colloquia at Eastern Connecticut State University" by Jim Lacey ... 12 Honors with a new name, to indicate its difference from non-honors. Characteristics of honors courses. Oops, colloquia.

From the Ad Hoc Committee on Honors Advising and Major Scholarship Preparation

8. "Major Scholarship Competition Preparation at NCHC Institutions" by Bob Spurrier ... 12 A sequel to "Honors Advising at NCHC Institutions" that appeared in the Summer 2001 issue of The National Honors Report. Responses from 130 institutional members about preparing students for major scholarship. Look what honors can do.

9. "Mid-Sized Universities: Questions & Answers" by Suzanne Bunkers ... 14 Nineteen responses to a questionnaire on the listserv about mid-sized institutions. (It's never too late to respond.) What's the role of director? Honors teaching as an overload? Top priorities? Office Space? Clerical assistance? Recruiting? Check it out. Can you use this article and "Basic Characteristics of a Fully-Developed Honors Program" (in this issue) as measures to gain recognition and support for your program?

Honors & the Future

From the Nominating Committee

10. Candidates for 2002 reported by Joan Digby ... 29 Announcing the slate of candidates approved by the Executive Committee. For offices of Vice-President and for student and faculty representatives for the Executive Committee. With their statements and goals for the NCHC. Read, and then make sure you vote. (Don't worry about hanging chads.) Note: other candidates may be nominated from the floor at the Business Meeting at the upcoming conference.

From the Home Front

11. "How the NCHC Can Gain Prestige" by Earl B. Brown, Jr ... 39 What the NCHC is exploring: market research, media relations & developing new materials. What is our image? How can we present ourselves so that we improve our standing in higher education? What is our goal? Includes an article, "The Brand: The Distinction Between Personality and A Promise Fulfilled" by Lorna Whalen. Loyalty versus Image. Creating an image. An honest image grows from our experience, on what we have already done. An image doesn't create.

From the Evaluation Committee

12. "Basic Characteristics of a Fully-Developed Honors Program" ... 42 Yep, again. Honors folks come and go, you see. So "Basic Characteristics" is a mainstay. It's been used as a basis for reports to regional accrediting agencies. As the basis for discussion among various constituencies, such as small colleges and two-year schools. Used by consultants. Used by honors directors writing a five-year plan.

Business, Business & More Business

13. Minutes of the Spring Executive Committee (Draft) from Earl B. Brown, Jr ... 44 For approval at the next Executive Committee meeting. Please read. The NCHC is your organization.

14. Summary of the Spring Executive Committee Retreat by Earl B. Brown, Jr ...47

15. Budgets by Earl B. Brown, Jr ... 51 A summary sheet: revenues and expenses approved for 2002. With detailed expenses .