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1. "Selling People on Honors Education" by Lydia Daniel & Joan Digby … l A challenge to honors folks to promote the value of honors education on the local level. With a generic press release that can be adapted to fit particular honors programs' or honors colleges' needs. How to promote honors as well as a specific program or college. How to buy the new third edition of Peterson's Honors Programs and Colleges. From the co-chairs of the NCHC's External Relations Committee.


2. "A Summer of Excellence" by Gerald T. Szymanski & Stephanie Adamson … 3 Experiencing college life in a supportive atmosphere. Hosted by the Honors College at the University of Arizona for rising high school seniors.

3. "STEP: Seminar for Top Engineering Prospects" by Gayle Hartleroad … 7 A summer program for senior high school students to explore the various disciplines of engineering. A sample of college life in a weeklong experience at Purdue's West Lafayette campus. Includes classroom experiences.


4. "Joining the (Honors) Class?" by Paul Strong … 8 "Who me? Like Groucho, I don't want to be part of any club that would have me for a member." A conundrum for honors directors or deans.



5. "Horror in the Disciplines: Expanding Critical Thinking through a Critically Maligned Genre" by Annmarie Guzy … 11 An example of a seminar topic balancing honors students' specialized disciplinary education with the University of Alabama's goal of providing a well-rounded education. An elective course that encourages students to use their major disciplines as a lens to examine the concepts raised in horror books and films. Example: a fmal seminar paper written by a bio-medical major connecting medical concepts in Frankenstein with current medical practices.

6. "How Honors Programs Can Encourage Student Research" by Cheryl Achterberg … 17 The need for beginning honors students to learn to evaluate research fmdings; to learn to recognize junk science from good science. Honors perfect for teaching students to discriminate between quality and junk as a prelude to their own research. From the dean of Penn State's Schreyer Honors College.


7. "An Exploratory Study: A Comparison of Honors & Non-Honors Students" by Edgar C. J. Long & Stacey Lange … 20 Originally presented at Conference '01, Chicago, revised here. Based on infonnation from Central Michigan University. Another article on vexing problems: How can large public universities provide students with critical intellectual skills; what is an honors student? An on-going problem faced by honors programs and honors colleges.

8. "Results from the SMACOHOP Survey of Small College Honors Programs: Part 3" by Larry Steinhauer … 31 In this, the third article in the series reporting on the results of the survey conducted by the Small College Honors Programs (SMACOHOP) section ofNCHC in the fall of 1999. Part 3 deals with the nature of Honors graduation requirements and about the financial resources available. Parts· 1 & 2 can be found in Fall '01 and Winter '02 issues. Parts 4 &5 will appear in the Summer '02 issue. Any other constituency (Large University, Two-Year College) interested in parallel studies? Would make a good monograph, maybe. Thank you, Larry, honors director at Albion College MI.

9. "Large University Honors Programs & Thesis Questionnaire" by Julia Bondanella … 34 Questions asked, questions answered about the number of honors students attempting and completing theses in 26 large universities. Also includes infonnation about the availability of funding for honors students working on theses. Use as a benchmark for your own program or college.


10. Special Recognition for Honors Students at Graduation … 40 Taken from the honors listserv. Thanks especially to Mark Anderson & Charlie Slavin. A number of po stings presented throughout this issue. You never know what you'll need to know next month or next year. Recommendation: join the listserv!


11. "Discovering Untapped Allies: Bringing Honors Alumni Back Into The Fold" by Cathy Randall, Becky Gares, Hew Joiner & Connie Hood … 44 Bringing honors alumni back into the fold. Ideas from four colleges about using email, fonning alumni councils, conducting exit interviews, showcasing alums on websites, and invitations to campus. And more.

12. "A Tenth Anniversary for a Dime (or Almost)" by Virginia McCombs … 49 A calendar of events for a yearlong celebration that cost the Oklahoma City University Honors Program practically nothing. Some good suggestions for making use of campus resources. You can do it, too.



13. "A Culinary Adventure: Designing Our Future" plus a Report on the 2001 Conference by Rosalie C. Otero … 51 NCHC Goals for 2002 by the new president. Addressing the upcoming changes in the NCHC; addressing some proposed changes, including a permanent national office. Plus a detailed report on the conference. Please read.

14. "From the Home Front" by Earl B. Brown, Jr … 56 A report on the state of the NCHC. Read about financial projections, membership, conference attendance, and new associations with higher ed groups. Please read.

15. "Report on the Undergraduate Summit" by Sam Schuman … 60 A pre-conference session, "An Undergraduate Summit," held at the 2001 National Collegiate Honors Council Conference (NCHC). Sponsored by the NCHC; convened by former NCHC presidents, Anne Ponder and Sam Schuman. This session brought together senior leadership from major higher education organizations to discuss the current status and prospects for undergraduate education. Another major effort to expand NCHC's presence among higher ed groups.


16. "Conference Afterglow" by Andy Geoghegan … 62 Coming home with several ideas: the need for a two-year school honors program to have handbook or guide for faculty teaching in honors (send yours); the need to determine how itis possible to run a quality program on seven to ten hours per week, or with minimal reassigned time (let me know how).

17. "Conference Thank-You" by Rosalie Otero ... 63