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What do they mean?

1. "Numbers, Mountains, and the Supersonic Fly" by Len Zane ... 1 Zane in his Presidential Address (San Francisco, 1996) told us about Mount Whitney, height 14496.811 feet-as Zane says, that's 14496 and 811 thousands of a foot. How do they know, he asks. How? He reminds us to be skeptical of the beguiling effect of numbers. Originally appeared in Winter 1997 issue.

2. "Number Theory" by Margaret Brown ... 6 What can we do with all the reports from NCHC committees, with all of the reports from the NCHC office?

What kind of numbers are we talking about?

Survey results from the research committee

3. "The Honors Director Survey: Nature ofthe Sample and the Honors Director's Role" (Part 1) by R. Guy Sedlack … 7 Sedlack, the former chair of the NCHC's Research Committee, presents Part I ofa survey sent to directors of all NCHC-member institutions. Part I discusses the role of honors directors, the circumstances under which they conduct their work, and their career advancement. Based on responses from 160 persons to a 290-question measuring instrument. An important addition to the growing body of research into the honors community. Sedlack's work shows the incredible variety ofNCHC-member institutions and their divergent needs and concerns.

Survey results from the small college committee

4. "Results from the SMACOHOP Survey of Small College Honors Programs: Part 4" by Larry Steinhauer … 13 The fourth in a series of five reports from a survey conducted by the Small College Honors Programs (SMACOHOP) section of NCHC in the fall of 1999. Part 4 deals with the nature of Honors graduation requirements and about the financial resources available. Parts 1 & 2 can be found in Fall '01 and Winter '02 issues. Part 3 can found in the Spring '02 issue. Other constituencies (Large University, Two-Year College) interested in parallel studies could conduct their own surveys during the up-coming annual conference in Salt Lake City. Read this article, even if you think it's not for you.

5. "Results from the SMACOHOP Survey of Small College Honors Programs: Part 5"

by Larry Steinhauer ... 17 The final report. Part 5 shares information about physical facilities provided for honors programs, the nature of honors courses, and honors contracts. Many thanks to Larry Steinhauer, honors director at Albion College MI, for his analyses. His reports can be found in Fall '01, Winter '02, and Spring '02 issues of the NHR. We are grateful for his commitment to honors at small colleges.

Setting up data bases to keep track of honors students

6. "Tracking Honors Program Data" by Michelle R. Smith ... 21 The director of honors at Midwestern State University shares her lists to track honors data and generate honors statistics. Three categories: infonnationallists; numbers and percentages; correlations. An exhaustive list compiled with help from the honors listserv and her own honors council. Very useful for newcomers to databases who can adapt Smith's list to fit their program's needs. Very useful for old timers to re-think their collection of database infonnation.

Tracking NCHC Business

7. "Executive Secretaryffreasurer's Report" by Earl B. Brown, Jr ... 32 The Executive Secretary-Treasurer Report prepared for the June Executive Committee meeting. Contains a financial report, a report on the 2001 Conference, Financial Concerns, Membership Reportto go along with the worksheets listed below. It's your organization. Evaluate its financial health for yourself.

8. "Show Me The Money: Worksheets from the Executive Secretary/Treasurer's Office" ... 37

Funding NCHC Public Relations.

Funding Special Projects.

Per-Person Costs of 2000-2002 Conferences.

Conference Contributors.

Conference Projection Worksheet with actual conference costs 1996-2001 (a working document, for Conference Planning Committee).

Conference Financial History from 1989-2001.

Membership Dues from 1980-2002.

Conference Attendees from 1996-2001 (a working document for Conference Planning Committee).

Regional Memberships.

9. Minutes, Finance Committee (draft) submitted by Jacci Rodgers ... 45 Includes a list of recommendations to be discussed at the Executive Committee. Also a report on dues increase necessary to support a paid Executive Director. From Co-Chair of the Finance Committee.

…And For A Change

10. "These Are The Times" by John M. Palms ... 47 Palms, the NCHC's first recipient of its Presidential Leadership Award, shares his keynote address at the recent Southern Regional Honors Council. A thought-provoking look at the personal level of support available in an honors community. Character, relationships, and community challenged by a tragic accident. Honors beyond its obvious intellectual appeal.

11. "Honors Professor as Honors Student" by Norma Stratemeier ... 50 A fresh slant on honors contracts by Stratemeier, a faculty member at Johnson County Community College, taking Human Anatomy, an honors course not her own field of expertise. Introduction by Ruth Fox, honors coordinator at JCCC.