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Ruser, K., The Nebraska Criminal Law Practitioner’s Guide to Representing Non-Citizens in State Court Proceedings, 2022 Edition.


Copyright © 2008-2022 Kevin Ruser


I promised myself after I did the long-overdue 2021 revisions to this Guide that I would try my dead level best to do annual updates. Here are the 2022 updates to my Guide.

The updates are not as major as the 2021 updates were. Nevertheless, there have been several important developments to the area of crimmigration law since last year, and I have incorporated those changes into this year’s version of my Guide. Additionally, my thinking continues to evolve on various issues, and this year’s version of the Guide includes that ongoing analysis. Finally, my faithful proofreaders/editors, Deanna Lubken and Sydnee Schuyler, caught several errata in both the text and the statutory analysis charts, and those have been fixed.

As always, I invite your comments, whether they be errata or just errors in my analysis. And I also invite you to let me know what additions or changes you would find helpful in your day-to-day practice. Please feel free to email me with your suggestions or comments at