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Nebraska College Preparatory Academy Senior Capstone Project, Spring 2022


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This capstone projects is about inhumane experiments on humans around the world and how it effected the people involved or what it brought to light. Many of these experiments are kept secretive because of how they effected people’s livelihood. Inhumane experiments often lead to death, trauma, illness, shortening of life, disfigurement, or permanent disabilities in the victims, plus more trauma for the family. The reason why these experiments are considered inhumane is because they occur when the ‘patient’ couldn’t sign off on informed consent of the experiment, or they were unaware of the possible outcomes of what they were involved in. There are four different experiments showing how even though the experiments vary in concepts, they all fall under the definition of an inhumane experiment. The topics include intrusive experiments like mind control or exploratory surgery, and observational experiments like injecting people with diseases or putting people into a surreal prison environment.