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Senior Capstone Project Poster, Nebraska College Preparatory Academy/Grand Island Senior High 2016. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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The women’s movement is a new wave of feminisim that fights for the abolishment of the harassment and hyper-sexualization of women. It’s important because in today’s society, women are constantly getting degraded compared to men. It’s time to end the prejudice and see everybody as equals. I found that it’s a growing problem but anybody can become aware and realize the issues that surround us.

I do agree with with the information that I found saying that women really can’t be considered to have obtained these equality rights until people stop demeaning them in everyday life. The push for equality is a battle that is faced by girls and women of all ages in everyday life. 1 in 3 women face sexual harassment. In the future, I hope to research the progress that these movements have made.