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Senior Capstone Project Poster, Nebraska College Preparatory Academy/Grand Island Senior High School 2017. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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One out of every five adults in the United States has a disability. That is about 63.976 million people, yet, ableism is a common type of discrimination. This paper is an attempt to create awareness of ableism and its negative effects by providing testimonies and methods that will help people with disabilities live a life without prejudice.

The United States is nowhere close to being an ableist free society and it will remain this way until people stop using ableist language as an insult or to mock someone, until mocking the disabled is not a media entertainment, until public figures realize that bullying others is not okay, until businesses stop being greedy and selfish and start obeying wheelchair laws, and until buses and concert venues get rid of those ridiculous quotas that interfere with the everyday life of someone with a disability. Disabilities are not the real problem, instead, it is the negative influence of society. The real disability is society being blind and deaf. People do not see the inequality and discrimination of ableism and they do not listen to what disabled people have to say. The key to overcoming this blindness and deafness is to create awareness in order to eliminate ableism.