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Senior Capstone Project Poster, Nebraska College Preparatory Academy/Grand Island Senior High School 2018. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini deals with an unstable individual rising to power and causing brutal violence. The individual, Assef, had a terrible attitude as a child but was still able to gain a position of authority. The idea of malicious individuals rising to power carries is also present in today’s society. Police brutality in the United States is becoming an even bigger issue as the years go by, especially the deaths caused by fear or pure hatred. Becoming a police officer requires taking a written exam, fitness test, and in-person interview; all of these could easily be lied about.

● According to the Washington Post, police fatally shot 987 people in 2017 ● 252 of these individuals were unarmed ● According to Statista, over 70% of victims showed no signs of mental illness ● The MMPI-2 test is used by psychologists to measure an individual’s emotional, behavioral, and social functioning (anger, anxiety, and energy level)