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Senior Capstone Project Poster, Nebraska College Preparatory Academy/Grand Island Senior High School 2019. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Domestic violence is generally defined as the use or threat of physical, sexual or emotional force by a partner. This research examines when a partner starts to physically or mentally abuse their significant other. Often the abuser assures their victim “they won’t do it again” yet continues to abuse their partner. Many factors contribute to the reasons a victim stays in an abusive relationship. One of the reasons a victim stays is because they want their partner to change. Although the exact reason as to why an abuser starts to abuse cannot be determined, there are signs in a person’s childhood which have been identified as early indicators for possible abusive behavior in adulthood.

● A person is more likely to abuse if their own parents were abusers themselves, alcoholics or drug users. ● Domestic violence offenders tend to prey on women who have low self-esteem, realizing that the victim will want and need them no matter what they do. ● The control that an abuser gains while harming their significant other makes them feel like they have power