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Perez, M. A., Donald, W. N., Whitman, J. B., and Roche, B. G. (2024). Evaluation of NDOT's Sediment Barrier Practices Using Performance Data. NDOT Research Report SPR-FY22(006).


To protect waterways adjacent to construction projects with disturbed land, a 50 ft (15 m) vegetated buffer or equivalent sediment controls are required. However, there is little guidance on the effectiveness of vegetated buffers in removing sediment or how sediment barriers can aid shorter buffers or replace buffers. A modeling methodology was developed and used to determine the performance of 11,664 50 ft (15 m) vegetated buffer configurations with Nebraska conditions; sediment capture averaged 92.6% and ranged from 18.5% to 99.5%. To determine the performance of Nebraska Department of Transportation standard and modified sediment barrier installations, a large-scale testing methodology was used that subjected silt fence, slash mulch berm, and wattle silt check installations to conditions commonly found on Nebraska highway construction sites. From deficiencies noted in testing of standard installations, modifications were developed and recommended that improved structural performance, provided additional water quality treatment, and increased sediment capture.