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Published in Nebraska Anthropologist Vol. 13 (1996-1997). Copyright © by the author; published by The University of Nebraska-Lincoln AnthroGroup.



01 Intellectual Property Rights: A Focus on Photography of Native Americans (Jennifer Wiggins)

07 National Language Policy in the United States: A Holistic Perspective (Cody L. Knutson)

17 Overgrazing: Is a Solution Available? (Brian Osborn)

23 Reservoirs and Reservations (Karen Griffin)

31 Humankind's Greatest Gift: On the Innateness of Language (Tina Brawn)

37 Using Statistics to Analyze the Ancient Egyptian Scarab (Sarah C. Guthmann)

45 Busy Corporations: The Effects of Corporations on the Environment & the Public (Markus Craig)

53 Phosphorous Concentrations at the Arner Site (Jenifer W. Putnam)

57 Circular or Rectangular Ground Plans: Some Costs & Benefits (Arwen L. Feather)

67 Length of Widowhood: According to the Grave (Charles Geisel)

73 Women, Polygyny & Power (Michelle J. Lundeen)

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