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Copyright 1983, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


Two hundred eighty-eight species are listed in this report, plus 2 possibles, from 13 locations. The comparable figures for 1982 are 287 from 15 locations; 1981 298 from 12; and 1980 298 from 14.

The symbols used in the tabulation are:
Ja, Fe, Mr, Ap, My, and Je for the months
1 column heading for the Northwest Edge
2 column heading for Lower Southwest Corner.
3 column heading for Otoe Co.
b and B see Lower Southwest Corner
c and C see Lower Southwest Corner
h and H see Lower Southwest Corner

P to indicate a species which is present all the year, although the same individuals may not be present during the whole year, and the number may vary greatly during the year.

-S to indicate a species which remained after 30 June. (Had the tabulator known as well for other columns as he did for Douglas-Sarpy what would be reported this fall, many of the late June dates in other columns probably would have been - S too.)

w see Lower Southwest Corner.
W - to indicate a species which was reported as present before 1 January.
W - S indicates much the same thing as "P", but is used in cases for which the pattern is not always true.

x in columns 1 and 3 to indicate species recorded on the date of the count; used in other columns instead of a date when the specific date in the month was not given.

Two dates indicate the first and last records for the location. The information is presented in a rough west (left) to east (right) order, with locations of about the same longitude presented in a north to south order. The number of species reported, the names of reporters (and of other observers, if known), and any special comments are given below in alphabetical order by locations. In making the species count "Empidonax sp" and the like are not counted if a specific species of that group is also reported.