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"1988 Christmas Count," from Nebraska Bird Review (March 1989) 57(1): 3-9.


Copyright 1989, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


One hundred ten species were reported on the 1988 Christmas Counts, and two were seen in the count circles during the count week, but not recorded on any count. And there were eight "species" reported, some of which might have added to the count if they could have been identified. Last year the count, from the same locations, was 114 species, and one species seen during the period but not included on any count. The total individual count this year was 505,823; it was 408,096 last year. DeSoto NWR had a total count of 331,124 this year, compared to 77,842 last year. This year's count includes 300,000 Snow Geese compared to 32,323 last year.