Nebraska Ornithologists' Union


Notes- Nebraska Bird Review (September 1981)

W. Lemburg
Harold Turner, Nichol Hotel

Copyright 1981, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


GREAT-TAILED GRACKLE. The note on Great tailed Grackles at Columbus (NBR 49:28) incorrectly described them as "nesting"; Prof. Holtz's report said only "a pair of Great· tailed Grackles". This error apparently came from overloading memory before typing in transcribing the report.

CHASE COUNTY Iola Pennington, Wauneta, made five reports on her observations at Wauneta, Enders Reservoir, and Champion from 25 February to 26 April 1981. The birds on the first report had been there earlier, and except for the last report only the more notable species were reported: Geese: Canada 2/25, Snow 4/2; Mallard 2/254/26, Gadwall 3/27, Pintail 2/25· 4/2; Teal: Green·winged 2/25·4/2, Blue·winged 3/27-4/26; American Wigeon 2/25·4/2, Northern Shoveler 3/27·4/26, Redhead 3/27-4/26, Lesser Scaup 3/27-4/2, Bufflehead 3/27, Common Merganser 2/25, Red·tailed Hawk 2/25. Bald Eagle 2/25, Marsh Hawk 3/27·4/2, American Kestrel 3/27-4/2, Bobwhite 4/26, Ring·necked Pheasant 4/26, Killdeer 4/26, Willet 4/26, Dowitcher sp. 4/26, Wilson's Phalarope 4/26, Ring·billed Gull 3/27, Mourning Dove 4/26, Barn Owl 4/2, Belted Kingfisher 4/26, Common Flicker 2/25-4/26, Western Kingbird 4/26, Eastern Phoebe 4/26, Horned Lark 2/25·4/26, Black·billed Magpie 2/25-4/26, Pinon Jay 3/15, Black· capped Chickadee 2/25, American Robin 2/25-4/26, Cedar Waxwing 2/26, Starling 4/26, Bell's Vireo 4/26, Common Yellowthroat 4/26, House Sparrow 4/26, Meadowlark sp. 2/25-4/26, Yellow-headed Blackbird 4/26, Red-winged Blackbird 3/27-4/26, Common Grackle 3/27-4/26, Cardinal 2/25-4/26, House Finch 2/25-4/26, American Goldfinch 4/26, Rufous-sided Towhee 4/26, Lark Sparrow 4/26, Dark-eyed Junco 2/25; Sparrow: Tree 2/25-3/15, Field 4/26, White crowned 4/26.

BARNACLE GOOSE. A man in Grand Island had a pair of Barnacle Geese and one disappeared in the early fall of 1980. The first week of October one was shot on the Platte River east of Grand Island. It was brought to me for identification_ I checked the right hind toe and found that it was missing, so I knew it was a game farm bird. Federal law requires that captive held migratory waterfowl must be marked by one of four methods: (1) removal of the hind toe from the right foot, (2) pinioning of a wing, (3) banding of one metatarsus (leg in layman's language) with a seamless metal band, (4) tattooing on the web of one foot.

BREWER'S BLACKBIRDS. On 26 February 1981 my cousin and I saw a flock of about 1,000 blackbirds, probably all Brewer's, but possibly some Rusties. This was near the Adams Franklin Co. linc.