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Mollhoff, "First Report of the NOU Records Committee," from Nebraska Bird Review (December 1987) 55(4).


Copyright 1987, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


Since this is the first report of the NOU Records Committee, perhaps a few words of background explanation are in order. I was named to establish a records committee at the annual meeting of the NOU in May 1985. At the fall field day in October 1985 I met with those people who had indicated a willingness to serve and was named chairman. I presented a draft set of by-laws, which we discussed, amended, and adopted. The committee membership and by-laws were approved by the NOU Board of Directors and ultimately published (NBR 54:72-74, ]986). Two of the main functions of the committee are: 1) to collect and evaluate reports containing documentary evidence of the occurrence of birds in the state, and 2) to provide guidance and assistance in identification and documentation. This report will enumerate actions by the committee on reports submitted to it, and through comments will attempt to point out the positive and negative aspects of documentation, remark on identification problems, distribution anomalies, etc.

This report covers most of the records #001 - #065. The first record was submitted in July, 1985, before the committee was even functioning, and the most recent record included was submitted in December 1986. Some of the records are still under consideration or reconsideration, some have been withdrawn, some were not complete enough to evaluate, etc.