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"NOU 2006 107th Annual Meeting at Ponca State Park," from Nebraska Bird Review (June 2006) 74(2).


Copyruight 2006, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


The 107th Annual Meeting of the NOD was held in the new Missouri River Resource and Education Center in Ponca State Park on May 19-21. Although the weather ranged from hot and windy on Friday to steady rain on Saturday morning to cool and breezy on Sunday, the 80+ attendees accumulated a list of 159 species. Warbler diversity was disappointing, but shorebirds were abundant.

On Friday evening, a program on the Galapagos Islands was presented by Dr. Paul Johnsgard, Linda Brown, Dr. Josef Kren and Allison Johnson. Each of the four recounted an aspect of their 2005 trip to the islands off the coast of Ecuador and accompanied their account with photos.

On Saturday evening, Dr. W. Ross Silcock spoke on hybridization of birds in Nebraska. A number of pairs of similar species (Rose-breasted and Black-headed Grosbeak, Baltimore and Bullock's Oriole, Eastern and Western Meadowlark, Eastern and Spotted Towhee) meet on the plains. Ross presented current theories on their status as species.