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Morris, "Book Announcements," in Nebraska Bird Review (June 1992) 60(2): 63–64.


Copyright 1992, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


Paul R. Ehrlich, David S. Dobkin, and Darryl Wheye. 1992. Birds in Jeopardy. Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA 94305. 272 pages; $17.95 paper, $45 cloth.

This book provides an overview of the extent of declines, as well as current conditions, of each bird that is federally protected, or is recognized by the National Audubon Society to be undergoing cyclic declines, in Canada and the United States, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The text for each bird includes topics such as requirements for successful nesting and feeding, worldwide and North American breeding ranges, and current status of imperilment. According to Roger Tory Peterson, "This important book should be read by every nature-oriented citizen . . . wherever birds are in trouble, so is the land on which they and innumerable other living things depend."

Lynx Edicions, Barcelona, Spain, and the International Council for Bird Preservation (ICBP), are publishing a 10-volume Handbook of the Birds of the World. Volume 1, Ostrich to Ducks, will be published in September, 1992 ($120 before September 30, 1992, then $165, $7 for postage and handling, ICBP, c/o WWF-US, 1250 Twenty-fourth Street NW, Washington, DC 20037).

There will be a chapter for each family, with sections on systematics, morphology, habitat, general habits, voice, food and feeding, breeding, movements, relationship with people, status and conservation, and general bibliography. The volumes will be extensively illustrated with color plates and photographs and distribution maps. ICBP's worldwide Conservation Program will receive part of the proceeds from the sale of the handbook.