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"Bird Count, NOU Winter Meeting, Grand Island, NE, February 26-28, 1993," and "1992 Nebraska Christmas Bird Count," from Nebraska Bird Review (March 1993) 61(1).


Copyright 1993, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


Bird Count, NOU Winter Meeting, Grand Island, NE February 26-28, 1993

The list of 56 species was compiled by Scott Purdy, Vice-President, NOU. The temperature ranged from 0-30° F and the days were sunny. There was 100% snow cover, and water areas were 99% iced over. The five counties included are abbreviated as follows: B = Buffalo, H = Hall, HA = Hamilton, HO = Howard, M = Merrick.

1992 Nebraska Christmas Bird Count

The 1992 count was based on eight locations, giving a total of 98 species. This is 11 less than for the 1991 count, and is the first time the numbers of species has dropped below 100 in the past six years. There were 51,158 individual birds in the 1992 count, which is also the lowest individual count over the six-year period. The individual count includes 271 not identified to species, distributed as follows: Accipiters (3) Buteos (3), Hawks (5), Falcons (1), Gulls (2), Owls (1), Wrens (1), Meadowlarks (219), and Blackbirds (36). They are included in Table 1 following the species observations for each group. Lake McConoughy, which was a very successful area in 1991, was not covered for the 1992 count.