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Nebraska Bird Review (June 1997) 65(2).


Copyright 1997, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


First a correction: in the Fall Seasonal Report (NBR 63:101) the account on Whooping Crane listed 2 reports 25 November; these should have been 25 October.

This report includes observations, designated (B), reported to the Nebraska Birdline (402-292-5325), operated by Loren and Babs Padelford. While these are anonymous submissions, many are reported to us subsequently by the original observers; those which are not but are significant but unsubstantiated, are indicated herein as such by a phrase like "no details submitted". We have also used this phrase for other unsubstantiated reports herein. Hopefully, observers involved will send us a few details about the sighting. If observers prefer, they may submit reports to Ross Silcock by E-mail

You may also note that we have used the new taxonomic order according to the AOU 41st Supplement recently published. Most notable change for Nebraska is the splitting of "Solitary Vireo" into three species, as discussed under Solitary Vireo. Turkey Vulture is now considered a relative of the storks ("Turkey stork"?), and follows White-faced Ibis. There are other changes also, including re-ordering of the Passerine families.