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"1988 Fall Field Day," from Nebraska Bird Review (December 1989) 57(4).


Copyright 1989, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


Some innovations greeted the 60 registrants at the 1989 Field Day, 6 October, at the 4-H camp at Halsey National Forest: there was a canoe float down the Middle Loup River and a lesson on bird calls Saturday morning, in additl0 to the usual self-guided birding trips and demonstration of bird banding. Blow ups of the field card were posted, so that sightings could be posted currently and locations of special sightings could be written on a chalkboard. Saturday morning was overcast and chilly (otherwise the weather was sunny and mild), but 7 did make the float trip down to about Halsey. The bird call lesson, and follow-up test on bird calls Saturday night, were so popular that the director voted to buy a copy of the tape (Birding by Ear, Peterson Field Guides) for us, at future meetings. There were slide shows both Friday and Saturday nights Wayne Mo11hoff brought a specimen of a Pacific Loon, which he happened to heal about and was able to borrow to bring to the meeting. This is the only known Nebraska specimen, and while documentation is not exact, it probably was taken in or near Boone Co. in the 1930s. Martha Desmond was unexpectedly called 01 for information on her research on Burrowing Owls. NOU T-shirts and sweat shirts were offered for sale of the first time, and most sizes and styles sole out. David and Lois Stage took a group photograph.

The time and site for future meetings is usually announced at the meeting, but this was not done because the information was not definite. Since the meeting the sites and times have been firmed up; they are Falls City, 18-20 Mal 1990 for the Spring Meeting, and 4-H Camp, Halsey, 7-9 September for the Fall Meeting.