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Spring 2014

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Sierk, J. (2014). Currere and the Beauty of Soulful Classroom Moments. The Nebraska Educator
1 (2014), pp. 135-147.


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Drawing on Pinar’s (1975, 2011) work on currere and the author’s own experience as an educator both in the K-12 and higher education arenas, the author argues that curriculum is a living entity and should therefore be allowed to deviate from the “plan” that most people think of when the topic of curriculum arises. Gaudelli & Hewitt’s (2010) idea of “the beauty of soulful moments” is also used to illustrate the utility of such deviations. Dewey’s (1934, 1938) themes of improvisation, participation, communication, and experience, as well as the idea of “the unexpected turn” also serve as backdrops to discussing curriculum and learning. These ideas are explored through the use of the author’s narrative about her journey as an educator. Issues of space, time, and intention are discussed, while the current trajectory of K-12 education toward standardization, accountability and scripted teaching is problematized. The author explores the concept of currere and its potential to breathe new life into the educational process.