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The Nebraska Educator, Volume 6, Issue 2 (June 2022), pp. 5-20



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There is significant converging literature that emphasizes the value of learning metacognitive strategies. Current approaches to teaching metacognition focus disproportionately on domain-specific strategies. These strategies emphasize domain-specific subject material rather than the metacognition itself. The following intervention proposal aims to develop a multi-level (5th-12th grade) metacognition program designed using a spiral curriculum. This novel approach flips the paradigm and chooses to center metacognition. Additionally, this program leverages encoding, retrieval, transfer-appropriate processing and, delivered specifically through the spiral curriculum, delivers content in a manner that encourages distributed practice, a concept that has been well-documented to be beneficial for learners. The proposed program could become a fully developed curriculum for use in schools and a general design is included in the methods section. Considerations are made for further discussion and development of evaluative measures of both the program and metacognition research itself. It should be noted explicitly that the following program is a proposal, carefully designed to reflect current research, but as of yet, has not been implemented or corroborated. It is the author’s hope that the proposed program, if implemented, would be accompanied by research that would serve to validate the approach set forth in this manuscript or, perhaps, indicate where the program may fall short in its conceptual design.