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The Nebraska Educator Volume 6, Issue 2 2022 Published by the College of Education and Human Sciences University of Nebraska-Lincoln

ISSN 2375-6853

doi:10.32873/unl.dc.ne030 (issue)


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Developing Metacognition: Leveraging a Spiral Curriculum to Enhance Strategy-Learning Programming • Matthew Brooks, Educational Psychology

A Thematic Analysis of Faculty Advice for Doctoral Students • Alexa Yunes-Koch, Katie Johnson, Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education

Emotional and Attentional Regulation: Impact of Trauma and Journal Writing • Jody-Ann Coore, Educational Psychology

From Active Learning Trigonometry to Lecture-Oriented Calculus: Student Interactions • Kelsey Quaisley, Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education & Dr. Nathan Wakefield, Mathematics

Maximizing Student Citizenship Education • Consuelo Gallardo, Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education

Masked or Unmasked? The Impact of Hidden Facial Expressions on Interpretations of Emotion • Justin Andersson, Educational Psychology, Lauren Thayer, Special Education and Communication Disorders

Bridging Metacognition and Executive Function: Enhancing Metacognition Via Development of the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex • Matthew Brooks, Educational Psychology