Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


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Pittman-Robertson Project W-15-R Publication, 1957

Nebraska Game, Forestation and Parks Commission


IN COMMON with the experience of most states, Nebraska's deer herds were reduced to a very low level by excessive harvests in our early history. Most American big-game animals were overharvested in the early history of this nation because of commercialization. Buffalo were killed for their hides, deer for their meat. This slaughter continued as long as the hunter (or poacher) could sell his take at a profit. Modem game management and public opinion reversed this trend. Deer are on the way back all over America, and in some states the protection-complex was so strong that deer were restored to such high population levels as to be detrimental .to the deer, their range, and the crops of the men who own that range. In Nebraska our restoration efforts have borne fruit, and we have reached that stage where adequate harvest is becoming a major factor in our deer management problems. This bulletin is intended to give the rea"der essential information concerning deer, their management, and their harvest. Public understanding and active participation in the management and use of this great resource is essential. In truth, the most important factor of all in this restoration and use of a great wildlife resource, is you, Mr. Citizen. May we have your understanding and help?