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NORTH AMERICAN BIRDS VOLUME 59 (2005) NUMBER 3, pp. 376-381.


Recent increase of White-faced Ibis (Plegadis chihi) in the Great Plains have been considered a "reoccupation" of the species' former range. Review of the published literature and specimen record, however, indicates that this species has only recently become a regular breeder in the Great Plains; thus, recent patterns of summering and nesting birds in the region are best considered a range expansion. Currently, this species is increasing in the Great Plains, where it is an uncommon migrant and local breeder. Extralimital records of this species are also increasing, both along the Atlantic Coast and the Gulf Coast, probably indicative of the health of the mid-continental breeding population. The status of this species in the Great Plains appears linked to fluctuations of core breeding populations, especially those in the Intermountain West.