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November 1970


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Management of any game or fur animal is an effort to insure an annual harvestable surplus. Much of this effort must be placed upon the land. The development and maintenance of habitat--the place where the animals can live--constitutes a large portion of this effort. The objective of habitat development is the increase and improvement of homes for wildlife and thereby the increase in numbers and improvement of the quality of the animals produced. Another important and continuous job of game management. is the annual check on populations--their ups and downs. Information on the numbers of animals is necessary if only the harvestable surplus is to be taken and a seed crop left on the land.

The development and maintenance of wildlife habitat is largely in the hands of land owners and operators, and, in most instances--is a part of good land management. The trapper has an important job in regulating the take of fur. The maintenance of seed stock is his contribution to the management of fur bearers--and it is a good investment.