Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


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Loring, Hilary, Mike Bullerman, and Kelly Kindscher. 1999. Inventory of the Central Mixed-Grass Prairie Ecoregion of Kansas and Nebraska. Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. 83 pp.


An inventory of potential high quality mixed-grass prairie ranches and large properties within the Central Mixed-Grass Prairie Ecoregion of Kansas and Nebraska was conducted in the spring and summer of 1999. Emphasis during the inventory was placed on identification of relatively intact landscapes. Significant ranches within those untilled landscapes were visited. An interview of the owners or managers of those properties was coupled with a survey of the vegetation. Assessments of quality were based on species composition, continuity of ground cover, observations of livestock impact, and viability of the community types present.

The objectives of this study were to:

1) conduct drive-by reconnaissance of selected untilled landscapes within the Central Mixed-Grass Prairie Ecoregion in Kansas and Nebraska in order to gain a more accurate assessment of the size, ecological condition, threats to, and conservation potential of those landscape features.

2) visit owners and managers of large ranches within selected untilled landscapes to solicit land use history and management information

3) complete a Rapid Ecological Assessment (REA) field form for each site surveyed within the selected untilled landscape areas based on the condition of the plant communities and the presence of selected plant and animal species.