Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


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Fritz, Michael I., Joyce Philips Hardy and Steven Rolfsmeier. December 1992. Inventory of Rare Plant Species in the Pine Ridge Area of Nebraska (Dawes and Sioux County, Nebraska). Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. 114 pp.


The purpose of this project was to conduct a systematic inventory of rare plant species on the Pine Ridge District of the Nebraska National Forest. The objective of the inventory was to locate rare plant occurrences and compile information on their location, status and any possible threats. Four areas within the Pine Ridge District were identified as priority areas for the inventory fieldwork. The four tracts included the Soldier Creek Wilderness Area, a tract encompassing the East and West Ash Creek drainages, a middle unit tract, and a tract which straddles U.S. Highway 385 and encompasses a number of timber sale areas. Data from the fieldwork was compiled and used in conjunction with existing information to review species rankings. This combined information was used to prepare the species profiles and text of this report.