Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


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White Paper issued by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (1955) 25 p.


This report represents a compilation, analysis and summarization of data collected on the South Platte Management Area and deals primarily with game bird data collected by personnel of Project W-37-R. History, general description, and methods of operation are discussed, and recommendations for future operations given.

Briefly, the South Platte Management Area is located in Logan and Sedgwick counties, comprising over 11, 400 acres of state-owned land in four separate segments. The largest segment (more than 12,000 acres of deeded and leased land) lies along the South Platte River from Proctor to Red Lion. This, and a second area of 240 acres, near the town of Sedgwick, known as Sedgwick Bar, were acquired using Federal Aid Funds, primarily for the purpose of providing wintering and resting sites for migratory waterfowl which frequent this section of northeastern Colorado in greater numbers in winter than anywhere else in the state. These areas are used as public shooting grounds during the regular open seasons. Most of the discusssions in this report pertain to these two areas.

The third and fourth segments of the management area are Sand Draw, some ten miles south of Julesburg, and the Smith Property near Crook. Both were acquired to provide all-year habitat for upland game birds, primarily pheasants, with some of the land farmed on a percentage basis and part of the grain left standing for winter feed.