Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


Date of this Version

January 1960


This paper is a contribution from Federal Aid to Fish Restoration Funds under Dingell-Johnson Project No. F-4-R, Job No. 2. Copyright © 1960 Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Used by permission.


A brief look at the map of Nebraska will readily point out the obvious fact that the sandhills comprise a considerable portion of the land area of the state. To be more precise, an area encompassing around 20,000 square miles or about one quarter of the total state area. This is indeed a vast prairie region long noted for its fine cattle and native hay crops. It is a region of vegetative dune sandhills, sandy basins and valleys, exposed ground water, spring seep lakes and marshes. Since much is already known concerning the land portion of the sandhills it is the intent of this paper to bring into focus the aquatic areas, namely the fertile, productive sandhill lakes.