Nebraska Game and Parks Commission



Rolfsmeier, Steven B. Undated. The Vascular Plants of the Woodlands of South Table Creek in the Vicinity of the National Arbor Day Center, Nebraska City, Nebraska. Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. 33 pp.


The objective of this study is to describe the composition of the vascular plant flora of a three-quarter mile stretch of woodland along South Table Creek managed by the National Arbor Day Foundation in Nebraska City. This 50-60 acre woodland is representative of the many small tributaries of the Missouri River in southeastern Nebraska, and may represent the only natural “preserve” of native forest on the west side of the Missouri River between Fontenelle Forest and Indian Cave State Park. All naturally-occurring species encountered in this study are listed alphabetically by family at the end of this paper, and a map indicating the locations of species of particular importance because of rarity or ethnologic interest is included, so that the existing plant resources can be preserved while being used in the planning of trails and other “development” in this area.