Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


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Fisher, Lynn. November 1980. Vegetative Community Descriptions for the North Platte River in Wyoming and Nebraska. Water and Power Resources Service. Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. 43 pp.


A description of the vegetative communities in an area will provide an insight to wildlife potential and use of that area. Wildlife and its corresponding habitat are recognized as important for recreation and to the overall environmental quality of an area. The Water and Power Resources Service, Lower Missouri Region, is presently engaged in a study of the Platte River Basin, including an evaluation of wildlife habitat and associated environmental needs. Quantification of wildlife habitat along the South Platte River has been completed. Vegetation communities were described and habitat maps were prepared from color infrared aerial photographs (scale – 1:24,000). Computer tapes were utilized to quantify and store community information by milepost designations along the river.

An analogous study of the North Platte was initiated in 1980. Color infrared aerial photographs were taken of the river in early July to produce similar habitat maps. This report describes the major community types found along the North Platte, from the upper end of Seminoe Reservoir in southern Wyoming to its confluence with the South Platte River near North Platte, Nebraska.