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Vaubel, John Arthur. June 1975. Vegetation Development in Relation to Age of River Stabilization Structures Along a Channelized Segment of the Missouri River. Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. 117 pp.


During the summer of 1974, I sampled sites of vegetation representative of successional trends in plant communities along the Missouri River floodplain from Sioux City, Iowa, to Rulo, Nebraska. Five district community types listed from youngest to oldest are as follows: Salix spp. – dominated, Populus deltoides – dominated, Platanus occidentalis-Ulmus rubra – dominated, Tilia americana-Quercus rubra – dominated, and Quercus macrocarpa-Carya ovata – dominated vegetation.

The technique of relating vegetation succession to age of river stabilization structures was found to be useful and offered a quite precise method of developing a timescale of vegetation development.