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Hildebrand, Terri. 1997. 1997 Rapid Ecological Assessment Northern Great Plains Steppe Ecoregion: Western and Central South Dakota, Northwestern Nebraska, Eastern Wyoming, A Final Report. Hildebrand Contracting. Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. 38 pp.


In an effort to gain a more complete understanding of existing vegetative communities of the Northern Great Plains Steppe Ecoregion, rapid ecological assessment was undertaken throughout the ecoregion during the field season of 1997. Field office personnel of The Nature Conservancy and private contractors evaluated previously delineated regions in accordance with methodology determined in May of 1997. The following document presents results of the rapid ecological assessments performed by Hildebrand Contracting. The purpose of this document is to provide The Nature Conservancy with information to help determine the vegetative features of regions sampled. The specific areas and boundaries for evaluation were selected by The Nature Conservancy.