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Introducing Nit Kits: Extension's New Program on Head Lice in Early Childhood Settings by Kait Chapman

Curiosity as a Tool for Health Access by Emily Gratopp

Recipe of the Month: Refreshing Watermelon Salad by Emily Gratopp

Nebraska Celebrates Wildflower Week, June 5–11 by Sarah Browning

Graden Guide: Things to Do This Month

Fescue Toxicosis by Connor Biehler

Graywater Use in Nebraska by Becky Schuerman

Aphids, Scales and Spider Mites, Oh My! by Kait Chapman

Challenging Behaviors: Using Positive Language by Hayley Jackson

Extension News: New 4-H Assistant

4-H’ers Qualify for State Presentations Contest

4-H Clubs Helped at Kiwanis Karnival

Nebraska 4-H Foundation Scholarship Winners

Household Pets Clinic, June 3

Lancaster County Super Fair, Aug 3-12, 2023

Statewide 4-H Companion Animal Challenge Results

Heart of 4-H Volunteer Award: Kent Richard and Caitlyn Schmidt

Clover College, June 20–23

Plant Science Online Contests

Big Red Summer Academic Camps

Babysitting Training, June 30 or July 24

4-H Announcements for 4-H'ers and Volunteers

4-H/FFA at Super Fair Announcements for 4-H Members and Volunteers

Extension Calendar

Extension News: New Ag Educator