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January 2001


Published by University of Nebraska – Lincoln Extension in Lancaster County, 444 Cherrycreek Road, Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68528-1507, (402) 441-7180 http://lancaster.unl.edu



Families Stay Healthy Through Lancaster
County Nutrition Education Program (NEP)
Lancaster County NEP Employee Receives UNL Outstanding Employee Award
Nebraska Nutrition Education Program Receives National Award
Basic Tree Pruning
2001 Plants of the Year
Ten Steps To Good Gardening
Horticulture information center
How do Animals Survive our Cold Nebraska Temperatures?
Firebrat Frustration
Number One Nuisance/Number One Clown
SNAP Hires Manager
Testing Feed and Balancing Rations Saves Money
Private Pesticide Applicator Training
Computerized Financial Record Keeping
Starting Seedlings Indoors
Energy Information Goes Digital
Check Before Flushing
Energy Star Products Offer Energy, Environmental Savings
Good Hay is Valuable
Healthy Eating: Enjoy Nebraska Foods
Lincoln/Lancaster Food and Hunger Coalition—Vital Link in Health Prevention
Feel Full on Fewer Calories: an Interview With Dr. Barbara Rolls About Volumetrics - Part 1
Clarice's Column
Make a New Year’s Resolution
FCE News
We Need Tutors!
Healthy Families—Healthy Communities Video-Conference
What Can You Expect From Your Six- to Nine-Year-Old?
4-H Bulletin Board
2001 4-H Calendar
4-H Speech Workshop
Beef Weigh-In
Free Chicks!
4-H Club Officer Training
Livestock Members Needed!
4-H Achievement/ Activities—What’s It All About?
Nebraska Horse Expo
Horsin’ Around Horse Clinic
Roping Clinic
4-H Leader Training
4-H Chess Club
4-H Volunteer Forum
Tax Assistance
Lancaster Extension to Host Workshop on Grant Writing...Five-Day Workshop to Study Application Process
Join in on the “GRAND OPENING” of the Lancaster Event Center
Husker Feed Grains & Soybean Conference Set for Jan. 17-18, 2001 Governor Johanns to Join Farm Bill 2002 Session
Extension Board Members Appointed
Extension Calendar
Marriage Truths

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