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Four years ago, we turned the first shovel of dirt at Nebraska Innovation Campus. Leaders in Nebraska education, business and government had outlined a bold vision for this public-private venture adjacent to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. We wanted to combine the expertise of UNL faculty with the resources of the private sector to bring research breakthroughs to market, attract talent to our state and grow Nebraska’s workforce and economy. Almost 20 private partners, tens of thousands of visitors, and hundreds of jobs and student internships later, our only regret is that we didn’t start down this path decades earlier. Innovation Campus – and the philosophy of partnership it embodies – is the right strategy for Nebraska. In public-private partnerships, we have a proven approach for bringing together the ideas and resources of diverse sectors to advance our shared goals for economic growth, education and quality of life. And at a time when we need to be making strategic decisions that will position Nebraska’s economy for long-term success, our commitment to partnership is asimportant as it has ever been. Success will require all of us – business and education leaders, community members, private donors and policymakers – to work together, as we’ve done so productively throughout our state’s history.