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Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman announced Friday a joint project to use reclaimed, non-drinkable water from the city’s Theresa Street Wastewater treatment plant to heat and cool facilities at Nebraska Innovation Campus. UNL’s investment of $12 million in the Central Renewable Energy System, or CRES, has been approved by the University of Nebraska Board of Regents and will be introduced to the Lincoln City Council on Sept. 30. The reclaimed water from the city’s Theresa Street Wastewater Treatment Plant will be diverted to a heat exchange facility located on Nebraska Innovation Campus. The reclaimed water will then return to Salt Creek. A closed-loop, similar to a geothermal heat pump system,will be installed to serve the individual buildings. Depending on the season, heat content will either be absorbed or rejected to provide heating and cooling energy to Nebraska Innovation Campus. This system can provide capacity for up to an estimated 1.8 million square feet of space.