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Steven White

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Back at the old State Fair Park in Lincoln, the same grounds where kids once showed have changed, but it's still about agriculture - solving global challenges related to food and water. "To see this build out here is really pretty cool," Black said of his lab. Pretty cool indeed, as the Nebraska Innovation Campus takes shape. "This whole idea of taking the state fairgrounds and retrofitting," Black said. It was an idea Black heard about when he was being recruited to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While it excited academics, many grumbled about the move. In retrospect, the head of the Nebraska Innovation Campus says everyone's a winner. NIC Executive Director Dan Duncan said, "Everybody agrees we have a great State Fair now, we have 455,000 square feet, we're generating $6-7 million a year in tax revenue for the state of Nebraska Innovation Campus, our companies are generating a lot of investment." Duncan said it was important to honor the legacy of the State Fair. "Being able to save the walls of the old industrial arts building, really the oldest building out here is really made that facility unique," Duncan said.