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The NIC Greenhouse Innovation Center is 45,000 square feet of greenhouse and head house space with a LemnaTec High-Throughput Plant Phenotyping system.

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  • [0:06] We're in the Greenhouse Innovation Center.
  • [0:08] These are state of the art greenhouses
  • [0:09] employing LED greenhouse lights.
  • [0:13] And the light spectrum is actually tuned in
  • [0:16] to what the plant actually needs.
  • [0:18] The Greenhouse Innovation Center
  • [0:20] was built around a unique piece of equipment.
  • [0:22] This system was envisioned by a group of faculty.
  • [0:26] This system has plants on conveyors
  • [0:29] moved around the greenhouse to nutrient and water stations.
  • [0:33] And then, at specific times they move out of the greenhouse,
  • [0:38] into the attached head house
  • [0:39] and through high-resolution camera bays.
  • [0:42] Where we can take measurements
  • [0:43] that are barely noticeable with naked eye.
  • [0:47] There's only a few facilities like this in the world,
  • [0:49] and UNL is one of the first universities
  • [0:51] in the United States to have a facility like this.
  • [0:53] For someone like me, and researchers who are
  • [0:56] interested in how plants respond to their environment,
  • [0:59] or how their development gets affected,
  • [1:02] a system like this really accelerates our research,
  • [1:05] so we can do a lot more very, very quickly,
  • [1:08] and more precisely than we could without such a system.

[1:11] (electric guitar music)

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