On September 19 and 20, 1958, the College of Law, in cooperation with the Junior Bar Section of the Nebraska State Bar Association, presented the second annual “Institute” for members of the Bar. The subject at the 1958 Institute was “Damages for Personal Injuries,” and various aspects of the subject were discussed by seven different speakers. On the following pages, the Nebraska Law Review is pleased to present three of these presentations.

In presenting these articles, the purpose of the Review is two-fold: First, to create a greater interest among the members of the Bar in the Institute program; second, to provide the Bar with a written compilation of the proceedings and discussion at the Institute in article form. The Board of Editors believes that this purpose will be of benefit to the Institute, the Bar, and the Review.

While the Board regrets that, in this issue, all the presentations given at the Institute on Damages are not available for inclusion, it is hoped that in future issues the Review will be able to present the major aspects of the Institute in full.

—The Editors